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raw sewagee. flowing down a baltimore street. & street.(woman) "and i wish it -3 would get cleaned up, cause 3 nasty. why the mess still hasn't been cleaned up.. weeks aater being ddscovered. --------------------------------- 3 taking a dive.... oo top f a shhrk's back. the one reason this man riiked pumping ooto a kiiler. ----------------------------------- ---------------------------------- 3 onoriig an injured ooficer. officer.rigby 43::3 i juss want to thank all the children pand everyyody else for all the prayees prayerss the ssecial tribute given to a baltimore ccty policeeofficer. & 3 good eveeing i'm 3 good evening i'm aren parks, jeff barnd is off tonight. it has struggled through legal and political battles....but tonight....the new casino at arundel mills 3 a wall collapses at the
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ccnstruction site kklling onn worker and injjring another. - anddas jeff abell shows -& us, its now up to the staae to determmne what went wronn. wrong.. 3 juut minutes aftee opening this morning, shoppers were stunned.....when rescue crews came racing to arrndel mills mall.... aat the constrrction site where the mall's new casino is beinn built, a wall of concrete collapsed....killing one & worker and injuring another.... & (37:15) (cox) "its unnlear exactly what happened &pother than they were workkng attthe sit enad the ndividual -3 that was trapped under thh from a lift when this wall came down...." the 30-by40 foot wall, which was similar & to this one, killed 27-year old leon ray sax of hanoverr it took almost three hours before reecue crews could lift the concrete and remove his trapped body. and the heat
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difficult. (33:21) (cox) &p"today, ith thh temperatures and the humidity we can only so we'rr orking ffo 15- minutes anddmandatory rest 3& mall casino, whichhhas eenured political and legal battles, today, fought to keep the rescue frrmmpublic view. at &pone point, using black sheild the scene... invvstigators are trying to figure out whht wwnt rong here...and whh... jeff &pabell, foxx45,news at ten. 3 the injured worker, 25-year old darbin suazo- jjmmnez of manassass virginia, with liff-threatening injuries. 33 3 a helicopter lands and then shakes itself apart. apart. 3 it happened juut before 6 pm this evening in harford county. reecuers fouud the crash neet to a trailer park. the pilot was taken o the hospital, but heeis expected tt live. he investigatiin into what caused he acciient is ongoongg 3 3 baltimore bakes once again. this summer has aaready seee twoorecord days of heet and weees worth of
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boiling temperaaures. nyooe - who stepped outside today coold feel thh unncooking theii skin and frying the pavement. pavement. janice park is live outside tonight at the italian film ffetival in downtown baltiiore. baltimmre. 3 3 3 3 3 janice park fox 45 news at ten. 3
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3 through anotter day of record temperatures, aii conditioners were running at their highest settings just to stay ahead of the sweltering aar. air. bge crews moniitred the powwr consumption s tens of ttousands of air condittoners 3 closely to avoid rolling bllckouts. at the start of the day theyywere preearrd to activate thhir ppak rewardd 3&pofffine. they diddnot - have to do that today, but because of the anger last time
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they warned everyooe in advance. pge is of ourseemonitoring the weather -3 3 3 cusstmersscan 3 call ii one day a year and opt peaa rewards. 3 3 it wws another day of rrcord temperaturess temperatures. p3 meteorologist emily gracey is here with a ook at the soaringgtemperattres. 3 3 in the middlee
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3 of this record heat, a pipe -3 started leaking. somehow, it ended up spewing raa sewagg into the street. street. 3 keith daniels has been - tracking the hazardous spilll all afternoon, e's live in fells point toniggt wiih the lattst onnthe cleanup ffort.. keithh keith. karen..... for tte moot paat tonight... &pthings have been cleaned up hhre...............but you ccn still see remnants of the messy prrblem..... .........toilet tissue nd 3 the street..... -33 3 jennifer mcquestin lives on gouuh street near south chester. she's among neighbors who feel liie they're knee deep....... (ááquick nats uppfull: water, etcáá) a smelly situation that won't go away.(mcquesten) "their initial assessment was that it was either my houss or my neegbor's house..."'s a sewage & peak... a messy problem that's
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been going onnffr nearly thhee &pweeks. neighbbrs snapppd iituues on a day when pttings werr really stacced high.. feees and ooher smelly deeris in the gutter.. right in front of people's homes. (mcquestenn "it's a pretty significant problem, i mman, pt's retty gross having raa 3 for roperty vaauu..."(ms. duatista/neighbor) "and it's really nasty. they came and checkkd my house. it'ssnoot - me, uh i don't know where it's coming rom...." crews are rrsponding.(mcquestenn "we had anninspector come by...") & ............the department of -3 public worksshas cleared and cleaaed main liness.... pááánats up full; "i'm looking for a sump pump here.....ááá) ............thhy're checcing basements now. they beeieve a sump puup is causing all of & this.... filling up in he home...thhn pooring waste in the street. the problem.. which ump, which house... (shapiro) "once we gainnaccesss to the hoosee, it's poosible for ussto make determination ps o whether or ot there are potential connection issues.. maybe someone remodeled which haa not follwed cooe.. or potentially there's a damaged pipe."...............meantime, for residents, it's a filthy
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cirrumstance.... (woman) "and &&pp wiih it would et cleaned up cause it's really nasty. &p after our phone calls.. crews wwee back heee today..... .......and tonight..crews have identified the houue wwth the ssmp pumppproblem. they say the homeowner hass been told tt maae repairs.. or the city could issue citations. baltimore, keith daniels, fox 45 news at ten. 3 more backlash toniiht...over commentt made by cityy councilman roberttcurrrn... curran's hallenger... gary collins... now calling for his -& is facing heavy criticism... after suggesting rrsidentt 3 speee up rrsponse timm.the police officers nion is & lasting curran... saying there are othhr ways... to spur change. 3 (fop bob cherry)"iq: 3 911.... oq: and puts our officees and civilians at isk" risk" curran says hh
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3& just hopes all this attention & will translate into 3 a body as discovereddin the trunk offa car in eaat baltimore..- baltimore.homicide deteccives - combed thh area for evidence - around 11 am today. the say - they found the man's bodyyin the trunk of a exus whhch was gay and preston streets. a big ay two on he practiie field in owingssmills. the ravens get their eighth and final draft pick in the pix.first round ppck jimmy smith igned his connract witt the raaens....a five year eal worth 7.4 million ddllars plus a signing bonus. bonus.moogan aasit joins us now with day two report, morgan. 33 slowly but ssrely thh ravens & aae getting o a fulllcamp 90 man rosterhaving all eight draft pickk signed is hhge.but
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there's a weak spot... the talent at defensive nd. end.some would also say &plineeacker....ut the ravens are sticking to what they've got.and haveehiih hopes for sergio is finally at ravens camp and off the fieed issues... no knee innury... and no head injury.that doesn't mean hhs fractured skull from last yyarrdoesn't affect him's unssre hoo he will be once the ravens start hitting tomorrow in pads.and he's lost hearing in one ear..ut kindle's trying his best to mooe forward. 3
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3 much mooe on theeravees camp tonight in sports unlimiied. & hear ffom rookie jimmy smith... &pwhy dominique fooworth is surprised he has a job...and that'ssat 10-50 back to you. 33 3 p you can hell fight back against crime.. andd take wanted fugiiives off the street. & fugitive files toniiht.. hoping yyu can help put a paii of suspects behind bars. 3 joy lepola is pive at the warrant apprehension task frce hhadquarters in orth baltimore with the laaest on & thh ffgitives. 3 3 our fugitive files hotline is pen.. and deteetives areestanddng by. suspects tonight. - watch closely.. ou mmghh have the clue that leads o their capture. capture. 3 44-year aold jerry harrum is wanted for armed robbery. police sayyon the fourth rrbbed fourrpeople on souuh mmnfrod
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avenuu bout a block north of boston street. 3& say heestruck again... robbing four victtms on aliceenna - 111inches tall and eighs about 210 ounds. he also goes y the name jerry hercum. herrum. 41-year old daryl clouue is wanned on - assault charges. got into an argument with a wooan and... grabbed hee byy tte neck...pushed her against a wall anddthreatened to kill her. daryl cloudee is 5-feet 10-inches tall and weighs 175 pounds. 3 if you have any information on these suspects.. call our ffgitive ffles hotline at 410-637-8970. 3 kept strictly confiiential. also with us tonight... lieutenant brian patulonis of tte warrant apprehensioon task forcc. he has more on these & nummer
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3& again is 411-637-8970.. nd we will check back in on fugitive fills lter thhsshouu. 3 3 3 "it'ssreaaly emptyyarrund up here here the all is like a ghostown. the sllghtt chance theyymay haae for - survival.
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3 "i stuck my neck out a mill to --3 try to get an agreement with the president of he united states. 3& tte speakerris under the gun to get a deet deal ppssed. the major move republicans made today and how &pdemocrats one upped them. 3 3 all the prayers reelly helped &pand i'm thannful 23 23 finally back -3 on hr feee. the reason one of offiier rigby's first stops after her accident was thiss summee camp. 3 3
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tó=ñ3 twenty-five years ago thhs
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mmnth...owings mills maal openedits doors... amid much & not mmch to celebrrte. as john rrdell reports...themall is more andmore stores shut their doors... doors... 3iffyou visit owings mills won't have uch company.more and more retailers...and shoppers...arr disappeaaing. (patterson) "it's really empty pome maybeeonce or twice, once or twicc a week."but shawn patterson nd othhrs...have fewer choices...even... in the food ourt. "subbay, piiza joont.""you only got macy's 3 placess"gone...are saks fifth avenue...boscov's...lord- and-tayyor...and sears. he vacanny the highest ofany arra mmll. retail -3 experts say problems began years ago wwth a series of high profile pf a wommn on path betweee
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recennly...theyyblame tte slugggsh economy...and ggowing comepeitioo...from other malls. (daniel) "whennhunt & valley became hat it is today which is an open center, it puttanother nail in the ccffin foo owings mills."general growth properties...which owns thee all...declined tootalk n camera.buu in a stttement...the general positive impact on the owings mills area."that ppoject...will nclude a huge library... community college... and more residential...and retail. (rydell) "but the metro centerr is ot scheduled to open for at least nother two years and one local real estate xpert positive impact on owings in the mall and there are just & a few of those,they may bb interested in going to this other center."all which leaves 3 a quandry. (ben) "i don't know whaa they're oing to doo itts 3 wwattare you goong tt's & rough alllover."in owings &pnews at en.
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3 maal officials won't say wheehhr they have any pllns to penovate the center...or to pttract ny major new tenantss 3 3 things coold ggt a lot worse for everr business n america if congress can't get -3 a deal done. the debb crisis continuus to ssiral out oo control. in just 72 hours the ountty will be out of money, unable to meet our ddbt obligations. obligations. just four hours ago the house voted to & pass speaker boehner's plln. the speaker had to make majoo changessand add a provision for a vote on a -3 the conssitution before his own parrt would get onnboard. fteerall that work, senate demmcratt killed it swiftly. the speaker was furiouss - with both parries throughout &pthe battle. 3 "i stuck y neck out a mile to try to get an agreement with the resident of the united states. i tuck my neck out a mile."
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the only other oppion currently on tte table is senate majority leader harry reid's plan.. but repuulicans have major objections to theeplan and won't vote for any tax &pincreases. 3 that brings us to our question of the you believe the doomsday prophecies if n agreement on the debt ceillngg isn't reached? you & were split on this question. questionntony writes, quott can you say scare tactics? 3 quote the new world order is -3 poming. 3 go to fox-baltimore ddt com . tell usswhat you think. ssund off thru facebook. foxbaltimore.hear mmre responses tonight on tte late edition at 11. and we've done a major upgrade of our facebook the content yoo need to stay aheeddof tte news.. head to ourrnormal faaebook paae and &pclick on the innide fox 45 icon on the eft...... underr our prooile photo. you'll have exclusive access to ssecial content, from the question of tte day...... to top stories and of course...... our purple priie
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&psection.... where you can ssow your ravensspride. it's pacebook pagg, be sure to check ittout. 3 3 we have new informatioo on the reccvery oo officer rigby.she's the baltimore city & policeeofficer who ffll nearly 30-feet off the j-f-x and mmkes her first public appearance tooay. myranda stephens has more on how she personally thanned some of her & younnest supporters.. - 3 3 nats of entrance it was the moment many had been waiting &pfor. the channe to finally see the baltimore city police -3 officer... who survived that horrific fall. rigby 43::3 i jjst want to thank alllthe childree anddeverybody else forrall the prayerr all the prayers eally helped and i'm thankful 23witt her mouth partially wiree hut... and -3 using a walkerrto gett -3 around... offiier teresa igby made her firrt public appearance today at zion
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bappist chuuch... just over a month fter she ffll nearly 30-feet from the j-f-x. daisy 57:22 she looks good and she's in our prayees. nd that's & whty the lord broughtther a -3 long way e wasn't ready for her yet 27rigby was standing on the shouuder of i-83 last 3 into the back of her police cruisee - pushing her overra -3 wall ann down to the ccncrrte below. jevon 9:24 i thought &&pshe waa dead but she ended up pn the hoopital 28ttinking &pabout the injured officerr.. about 75-kids from the chuuchh' summer camp created a 3 recoverr. cameron thomas 847 i &phopeethat she get better eal quick and she'll be alright and t'll never happee again 53 &pmajor 2:49 you know thattmeans a lot in particular to us as poliie officers because you know sometimes you feel like a way to ay thanks... officer rigby ggve the kids pizza on their last day oo camp... and then thanked thee in person for their support. 43:56 i just appreccate them evee taking out the time to make me the banner i'm a ppt it up in my oofice and i'm a think about it ll thh time every day i seeeit 05 aad i just
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really appreciate it that waa really niie of them to make that for me 10myranda stephens, fox45 news at ten. 3 rigby does plan to & return to work when she's been filed in the accident. 3 he hot weather hassmany hiding inside... but or some... not even the heat caa -3 hamper crrativity..... we caught up to this group of artists painting on the 3 of industry. thrre times a -3 week... they take in mother nature's beauuy....but today... theyywere also dealing with her heat. 3 44::8- 42:59 but tte thing that makes you survive iss really getting involved in pou rralize how tired you re. buttwhile you're working, you don't even hink abbut it..- pt. the grouppsays 3& they start early to avoid the worst of the heaat....and of course it helps ... hat paint dries quicker on a hot day. 3& how are you peating he heat? ... seeeit.. shoot it.. senn it.
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you can upload photossand videos to our weesite. go to foxbaltimore dot command click on thh "see it, shoot it, send it icon. you can also send &&pcell phone to "pics at foxbaltimore dot com." 3 it looks like we won't &pptmperatures and high humidity - for long. long. 3 meteorologist emily gracey is ttackinggwhen we'll cool offf in your skywatch forecast. forecast.
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3 yoo cann be in chargeeof your own perssnalized forecast. 3 foxbaltimore dottcom. use the interactive tools to track cominn storms down tt yyur ssreet. go to ffxbaltimore dot com slash i-rrdar 3 3 3 this girl really 33 wanted a slurppe. the prevented this accident.
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youuhave the power to help clean up the ptreees of baltimore. we'vv opened up our fugitive files again.. and we're higglighting two wantee suspects. detectives are ready to take 3 fiies hotline issalways open.. the number is 410-63778970. here are the fugitives we're looking for. for. 44-year aold jerry harcum is wanted for
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armed robberr. harcum &pweighssabout 10 pounds. he also goes byytheenaae jerry hercum. hercum.. 41-year asssult charges. cloude is 5-feet 10-innhes - tall ann weighs 175 pounds. & pounds. if you have even the smallest piece of information oo these suspects.. all our fugitive files hotline at 410-637-8970. all calls are kept confidentiaa. and.. lieutenant brian matulonis of the warraat apprehension task force joins -3 us. the number again is 410-637-
10:31 pm
3 8970. we will -33 check back in with our fuuitiie iles a little later in the show. - 3 3 3 "i didn't dooanything special. & speciaa. thousands of soldiers would disaaree with that statement. how he maa 3 that will wwkeeyou uu ii the mmrring. the reason this car turnedda 7/11 into a - drive thhough. 3 3 -3
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3 the soldierraccused of plooting an atttck on fortt hood was dragged out of court today.... when he refused to stand for the judge and facee federal bomb making charges. pharges. nasser abdo, a muslim,,told inveetigators he wws going to bloo up fort hood.... because going to fight in afghanistan wws against his religion. abdo was caauht this week with weaaons and bomb making -3 materials. a ocal gun 3 when abdo came in trying to -3 buy severrl poundssof black 3 3 "i didn'' do anything ssecial. i'm just grateful that the locate this young man andd catastrophe." abdoowent -&paaol from hhs kennuccy base haaiig child pornography. 3 they take polittcs retty - seriiusly in oneesmall arkansas town. &ptown. she was there and this one was thereealso ---- don't mmnnhandle me... me... welcome o
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3 gould arkknsas...... population 2000. mayor -3 earnest nash wassjusttsitting & down for a live interview when he was pistol whipped by someone in the crowd. you 3 and the blood on his shirt. the crowd is angry that thee mayoo wanted to kick oot two pouncil members. at least ttree people are undde arrest.... ooe is charged with &passault. -3& 3 a young girl's insurance ratee are abbuttto go way up. 3 take a look at this surveillance video from aa7/11 in aurooa colorado. that big sedan is about to turn tte store into a ddrve-thru. the car lurches forward and of the display racks. the 17-year old who was driving & says she acccddntally hittthe -3 accelerator instead f the brake, luckily no one was hurt. 3 3 3 3
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3 the ride offa lifetimee why this guy thought it was safe to ump n a 12 foot shaak in the middle of the ocean.
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you can fight crime in baltimore.. juut byy it's ur fugitive files. files. joy lepola.. is live in ooth baatimore with tteelatest on he search forrourrsuspects. 3 we are theewarrant apprehension task force headquarters. you an see detectives are bbsy taking calls from ppople that might havv seen r kkoo the - whereaboots of our two fugitives. our hotline will remain ooen through the late edition.. the number is help solve a crime. crime. 44-year aold & armed robberyy harcum is 5-feet 11-inchhe tall and weighs aboutt210 ppunns. he also goes by tte name jerry hercuu. old daryl loude is wanted on
10:44 pm
&pcloude is 5-feet 10-inches tall and weighs 1755pounds. pounds. &pif you 3 have any iiformation on these lt..brian matulonis offthe warrant apprehension task porce has been with us all --3 night.. our hotline again
10:45 pm
3 is 411-637-8970. ittwill remain opee thhough the late edition at 11-thirty. -33 33 it was a big 3 "oops" moment for republlcan &pprrsidential candidate newt gingrich. the former sseaker of the house met with reporters nside is atlantaa office. one reporter asked -3 the presidential hopeful aboot his campaign t-shirts. 3 (reporter: could you hhld thiss up?))ure.(repprter: a lot of what you areetalking about is &pabout taking ameriia back o america. we assed for t-shirts &pto be sent to us and they were up that one and it's made in el salvador.)ah-ha.(reporter: it was priitee hhre in atlaata. it was a big thing when we talked to your campaign people about how you & wanted things to be mmde in america, do you have plans to &pchange thingg?)i'll have to - ask the folks who ordered this. i didn't order it anddi it.
10:46 pm
3 you can be sure that every republican candidate is double-ccecking ....where tteir campaign gear was ade. 3 .the ravens sign their pumber one ppck... get jimmy smith'' take on his first p-f-l practice... next in sports unlimiied... 3 & it's called jumping the shaak not jumping on the sharr. what happened when this guy got the two confused.
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3 that's one way tt die..... die..... 3 3 this massachusetts man was ishing near chathammwhen he and his buddies spotted a the man decided he wanted to go for a ridee he diies in -3 on top of the massive animal and grabs on to the fin. he rrdes it away orm the boat. the fishhrman saas he knew &it was a harmless basking shark, but till, thht's a bbg chance to take. at leas

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